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Let’s truly fight climate change by choosing more eco-friendly energy solutions.

Renewable natural gas

Switch to energy made from waste

Opting for renewable natural gas means choosing clean energy produced entirely from organic waste.

How renewable natural gas is produced

  • An apple Food

    Ready to eat. Bon appétit!

  • An apple core Food scraps

    From your brown bin to the biomethanation plant.

  • A biomethanation tank Biomethanation

    The waste is broken down inside a biodigester, producing RNG.

  • A thermostat working inside a home Renewable natural gas

    Renewable natural gas can be injected into the natural gas network to meet energy needs in a more sustainable way.

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Energy savings

Let’s save energy

By optimizing local businesses’ facilities, we’re saving energy and developing better and more eco-friendly consumption habits.

Energy savings with Énergir by the numbers

  • A car

    Reduced GHG emissions by more than 1.1 million tonnes That’s equivalent to taking 250,000 cars off the road

  • A map of Quebec

    Support for over 130,000 energy-efficiency projects since 2001

  • An arrow stuck in a target

    By 2030 Énergir aims to reduce GHG emissions by another 1 million tonnes

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Community commitment

Let’s invest our energy into the community

By getting involved in various community projects, we’re creating new kinds of energy to help build a better future.

Our commitment, in numbers

  • The sun $1.3 million

    donated annually

  • A group of people 200 organizations

    supported by Énergir every year

  • A heart 2,400 volunteer hours

    completed by our employees

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Our energy expertise

We’re imagining energy long-term.

The future of energy hinges on diversification and complementarity. That’s why Énergir is investing in their development.

Our energy

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